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How does the Rent-to-Own work?

Rent-to-Own Option

Have an equipment from our LEAP catalog that you're in love with? Well, now you can also keep it. On top of our unique Equipment Access Program, LensLockers also provides you the option to Rent-to-Own the equipment that you are most in love with.

The Rent-to-Own Option is an add-on you can select when you sign up for a LEAP Membership. All you have to do is stay subscribed as a LEAP Member for 24 months, and the equipment of your choice is yours. In a way, it is to

Why join our LEAP Rent-to-Own?

Free Unlimited Swap Benefits

We stress that as you're working towards the Rent-to-Own equipment, you are still a LEAP Member.

This means you will continue to enjoy the benefits of swapping equipment whenever you want for free. Within the 24 months, you don't have to hold on to the same equipment, and can actually swap out equipment to your liking.

No Credit Checks or High Upfront Costs

Just like the LensLockers Equipment Access Program as a whole -- we do not require Credit Checks and extensive Background checks for you to finally acquire the gear you want.

There are no heavy upfront costs other than the deposit, which you can lower by provide a third-party rental insurance. In addition, deposits can be applied towards your payment starting your fourth month as a LEAP Member.

Test out Gear while You Decide

You have three months starting from your first billing date before finalizing the equipment(s) you want.

This means that you can take your time exploring and testing out different photo and video equipment from our LEAP Catalog. Some LEAP members have even added more LEAP Credits in order to rent and test out different equipment and set-ups simultaneously.

Pausing your Membership & Payment

As you work your way towards renting-to-own, you will get 2 Account Pauses. This means that if for any reason, you can decide to pause your LEAP Membership for 1 month. All you have to do is send back the equipment before the next billing cycle, and we'll put your LEAP membership on pause for you. An approved pause does not count disqualify your Rent-to-Own status.

Learn more about the Rent-to-Own Pauses here.

Opting into Rent-to-Own

You must opt into the Rent-to-Own when you are signing the LEAP Membership Agreement.

When you do choose your Keeper, you may choose something up to your lowest number of LEAP Credits in your account during these three months.

Choosing Your Rent-to-Own Equipment

When deciding on your Rent-to-Own Equipment, please keep in consideration that:

To Rent-to-Own an equipment, you must be subscribed to the minimum number of the equipment's *original* LEAP Credit Value for at 24 continuous months. This excludes any sale or bundle pricing.

From time to time, LensLockers may offer "sale" or bundled deals for LEAP members, and for example, the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 II may be discounted to 0.75LC. But since its original value is 1LC, in order to rent-to-own this lens, you must have at least 1LC minimum on your LEAP Account at all times.

Choosing your Rent-to-Own Equipment after your initial Sign Up:

The equipment you choose during the third month of your billing period must be equal to the lowest tier LEAP Plan that you are enrolled in the first three months for the previous months to be applied towards the 24 month period.

LEAP Credits in Account

During these 24 months, you must maintain the minimum number of LEAP Credits (LC) equal or more than LC value of the Equipment that you're looking to own. For example, if you're are looking to own a 1LC item, such as the Canon 70-200mm or Sony 16-35mm you must be subscribed to at least 1 LEAP Credit.

You may always increase the number of LEAP Credits in your account to rent equipment of greater LC Value or build greater camera set-ups and combinations.

Coming Soon January 5th: Visual Walk-through of Rent-to-Own Opt-in & Equipment Selection.

Additional Details

Further details of the Rent-to-Own terms are laid out in the LEAP Membership Agreement.

Details will be updated here in the near future. Please contact if you have any questions regarding LEAP Rent-to-Own.

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