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LEAP Credits and Pricing Explained

The LensLockers Equipment Access Program was designed by photographers for photographers as a solution to provide the flexibility of equipment rental but at a much lower cost and have the equipment you need in reach at anytime as you would have if you purchased the equipment. 

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The LEAP Credit system provides the bridge between the traditional methods of renting gear and this new approach. But don't worry it's a lot simpler than it seems. To get started on understanding LEAP Credits, here are some key points to understand: 

    • Upon signing up, you can choose the equipment(s) as long as they are equal to or less than the number of credits you have on your membership. You can hold onto the equipment as long as you are a member in good standing. 
  • At any time you wish, you may swap out the equipment on your plan with another item as long as the total credit value is covered in your plan. 
  • A refundable deposit will be required upon signup based on the credits you have on your plan. The deposit will be refunded to you upon the cancellation of your membership, as long as the equipment is returned in good condition and your account is in good standing. The deposit does not substitute as an insurance, and you will be liable for any damages, theft or loss. We recommend (but do not require) insurance for your rental. 
  • You may adjust the number of credits or cancel your membership at any time. If you are either downgrading the number of credits you must first return the gear required to match the adjusted credit. If you are canceling your membership, you must first return your equipment before your plan can be canceled. 
  • Every item we have listed on our site has a "Estimated Monthly Rate" which is the monthly rate you would be paying for the item based on the credit value for the item. However, you can save even more by having more credits on your plan. On the table below, the "Rate per Credit" is how much you would be paying per credit on a monthly basis. You can see that the more credits you have on your plan, the less you will be paying per credit.
  • For more details on how the LEAP Credit system works and other details about the LensLockers Equipment Access Program, please refer to our LEAP Agreement. You may also contact support at support@lenslockers.com or (800) 658-4009 for any questions you may have. 


Pricing and Deposits for LEAP Credits

LEAP Credits

Refundable Deposit

Monthly Rate

Rate per Credit

1.00 $300 $165 $165.00/Credit
2.00 $600 $295 $147.50/Credit
3.00 $900 $385 $128.33/Credit
4.00 $1,200 $485 $121.25/Credit
5.00 $1,500 $585 $117.00/Credit
6.00 $1,800 $685 $114.17/Credit
7.00 $2,100 $785 $112.14/Credit
8.00 $2,400 $885 $110.63/Credit
9.00 $2,700 $985 $109.44/Credit


You may add partial credits to any of these plan (fractions of a credit). Each 0.01 added credit is $1.50. For example, if you wish to have 1.25 credits, it would be $165 for the 1 credit and $37.50 for the additional 0.25 credit for a total of $202.50/month. 

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