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How to Start Your LEAP Membership

Taking the LEAP

Now that you've decided to be a part of LEAP, you'll need to set up your account. It's a great idea to plan ahead as the setup process usually takes 1-3 business days in total.
If you're looking to receive your order by a certain day, we recommend signing up two weeks in advance. We can always set up your account in advance and adjust the billing dates to reflect your actual start date to avoid any delays. Just make sure you notify us on the sign up form that you wish to start at a later date.  
To make this as stress-free as possible, here is a step-by-step of what to expect when signing up:
Browsing LEAP equipment on LensLockers
  1. Browse the equipment catalog to figure out what equipment you'll want for your first month of membership. Use the "Est. Monthly Rate" field as a guideline to see how much you'll be paying a month. 
  2. Add the items you would like to your cart to calculate the total number of LEAP Credits you wish to have on your plan. You can refer to this article to determine exactly how much you'll be paying monthly and the deposit needed. 
  3. Click on "Login/Signup" link and click on "Signup for LEAP". 
  4. Complete the form, and enter the LEAP Credits you've decided on based on your cart total. Remember, you can always adjust the LEAP credits on your plan at any time.
  5. After submitting the form, the LensLockers team will review your application. Shortly after, you'll receive a link to our LEAP Agreement to complete, and a link to provide details for the payment method to be kept on file for your membership. 
  6. Within 1-2 business days after completing these steps and after processing your first payment and deposit, you're account will be active and you may now login to place your first order. 


Note that the signup process may differ case by case so the above steps may not be exactly what you experience. 

For any questions or assistance, please contact or (800) 658-4009.

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