Paul C. Buff E640 Strobe

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Einstein™ is a powerful, all-digital, self-contained flash unit using multiple IGBT devices to allow a 9 f-stop power variability range from full (640 Ws) to 1/256 power (2.5 Ws), adjustable in precise 1/10 f-stops with voltage regulation consistency over the entire operating range.

Einstein™ offers global plug-and-play with automatic power switching that allows the unit to operate on power lines from 95VAC to 265VAC, 50 or 60Hz, automatically sensing the voltage / frequency and adjusting accordingly with no user attention required.

Einstein™ recycles to full power (at 120VAC or at 240VAC, 50Hz) in just 1.7 seconds, with the recycle time proportionally decreasing as the power setting is reduced. When recycle is complete, the READY state can be indicated both audibly and visually, selectable from the rear panel. An advantage of the IGBT flash control is that, at reduced power settings, the flash capacitors are not completely drained when the unit is fired making it possible to perform a rapid sequence of shots as the unit can be fired before the READY state is reached. Depending on the power setting and number of frames per second being shot, this can produce successive reductions of exposure value and color temperature in a rapid series of shots at relatively high power. In typical fast action sports shooting, setting the power to around 1/10 power (64 Ws) will allow frame rates or bursts on the order of five to ten frames per second with excellent frame to frame consistency and extremely sharp action freezing.

Two distinct operation modes are available from the rear panel: the Constant Color mode and the Action mode. In Constant Color mode, the emitted color temperature is held constant at 5600ºK (+/- 50ºK at any power setting or input voltage). The flash duration ranges from 1/540 second (t.1) at full power to 1/1700 second (t.1) at half power to 1/9,000 second (t.1) at the lowest power setting. In Action mode, the flash duration is minimized for maximum action stopping capability where absolute color consistency is secondary to motion freezing. At half power in Action mode, the flash duration is approximately 1/2000 second (t.1) and the color temperature is approximately 5750º K. In this mode, the color temperature rises as power is reduced.

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    To join LEAP, you must sign up for a minimum of 1 LEAP Credit. As a LEAP Member, you can place rental orders & swaps that are less than 1 LEAP Credit.

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