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Common Questions about LEAP.
Last Updated Jan 2, 2019.

General Questions

What is LensLockers Equipment Access Program?

What is an Equipment Access Program?

Rent all the cameras, lenses, lighting, and photogear that you want at one low monthly rate. LEAP, LensLockers Equipment Access Program, is a monthly membership that lets photographers and videographers use top-end equipment for as long as they like and swap as many times as they want.

How do LEAP Credits work?

The LEAP Credit system provides the bridge between the traditional methods of renting gear and this new approach.

Each Equipment has a certain LEAP Credit Value, which you can see on the product pages.

The basic idea is that as a LEAP member, you can rent out as many equipment as you have LEAP Credits in your Membership Account at one time. For example, if you've signed up for LEAP with 2 LEAP Credits, you can rent two equipment worth 1 LEAP Credit (such as many of the cameras), or rent out one equipment worth 2 Credits (such as some of our camera bodies).

Read More about How LEAP Credits Work.

What are Equipment Swaps?

Equipment swaps are when you return an equipment or set of equipment in order to rent out other equipment that our Equipment Access Program offers.

Where does LensLockers ship to?

LensLockers serves photographers and videographers all across the United States.

However, due to the increased cost of shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, we do not offer free shipping to the two above states. If you hail from either of these great states, you can still sign up for LEAP, and all you will have to do is pay for the shipping to your address. Feel free to contact support@lenslockers.com to learn more about our shipping fees.

Why haven't I heard of an Equipment Access Program before? 

Equipment room access like this was limited to a few photographers at exclusive photo-agencies. LEAP is a game changer in that we are the first to offer a well functioning membership that photographers of all levels could actually reply on.

Why Join LEAP?

Who should sign up for LEAP? 

Photographers and Videographers from all backgrounds can benefit from joining LensLockers Equipment Access Program and start renting the equipment that they need.

Whether you're looking to test out equipment, or adding additional important lenses to your gear arsenal, you'd be able to benefit from LEAP's amazing offers and being able to swap equipment at ease.

Some of our members have stayed for years and have actually replaced their equipment and use LEAP as their primary source of photo & video equipment.

Is LensLockers Equipment Access Program right for you?

With your LEAP membership, you will be able to make an unlimited number of Equipment swaps each month. Equipment swaps are when you return an equipment or set of equipment in order to rent out other equipment. You can swap as many times as you want when you join LEAP.

For example, you can start off renting a workhorse lens like the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L lens to get some versatility an range. Then when you’re done with it, swap it out for a Canon 85mm f/1.2 to get the perfect portrait with buttery bokeh.

How do I end up saving more money with LEAP?

Our equipment rental rates are very competitive. Full stop. We are not just trying toot our own horn but for most equipment that we offer, the monthly rental rates using LEAP Credits is lower than renting the same equipment from traditional rental houses for 4 days - 1 Week. That means for the same amount of money that you'd be spending elsewhere, you could be getting the equipment for the full month.

In addition - what you may not realize is that we also include a bunch of items in our equipment that will allow you to get started shooting IMMEDIATELY - for cameras, we have high-speed media cards, card readers, battery & charger included.

With LEAP you can trust that you're getting the full value whenever you are accessing equipment.

For more information on how our equipment compares to competitors, please check out Why Photographers are Joining LEAP - The Price.

The rates are sweet - are there any long term contracts required?

No long term contracts required!

You will not be locked into any long term contracts - stay one month, three months, or even a year. That's completely up to you.

Is it true that there are no hidden fees?

It is 100% absolutely true. We're proud to say that we have no hidden fees!

LensLockers Equipment Access Program rates are often so good that many people ask us if we have hidden fees. Rest assure because our goal is to provide creatives like you with a feasible option to access professional photo & video gear and part of what we define as access is the affordability of our options.

Signing Up

Signing Up & Getting Gear

Does LensLockers perform Credit Checks when I apply to join LEAP?

We never perform credit checks for any prospective LEAP members. We understand that there is a negative effect that a Credit Inquiry could have on your Credit Score.

What information do I need to provide during the Sign-Up Process?

During your sign-up process, you will need to complete the website account registration by creating an account. Then you will be asked to sign the LEAP Membership Agreement Form.

  • In the LEAP Membership Agreement, you will be required to upload a photo of the front and back of your Driver's License.
  • We may ask you to provide proof of your shipping address.

How long does the sign-up process take?

The sign-up process typically takes 1 - 2 days to complete. Although our team can typically complete the entire sign-up process within the day, the time it takes to complete the sign-up process also depends on you, and how fast you are able to provide the necessary documentations.

If you need to have the sign-up process expedited and the equipment delivered to you on a specific date, please email support@lenslockers.com for more assistance.

How long does it take for me to get the equipment?

Following the completion of the LEAP Sign Up Process, we will immediately prepare and package your equipment for shipment.

Shipped Equipment: We can typically finish prepping your order the day that you complete the sign-up process. Equipment will be dropped off for shipment and it will simply take the additional shipping time before the equipment’s in your hand and you can start shooting!

Local Pick-Up: If you are available for pick-up on a local basis, you will be able to get the gear at the end of the day.  

Is there a walkthrough for how to Sign-Up for LEAP?

Signing up for LEAP is simple.

You can read exactly how to sign up for LEAP by checking out this page: How to become a LEAP Member.

About Deposits:

What are the deposit requirements? 

Typically, we require a deposit of about $300 per LEAP Credit that your add onto your account. However, in rare instances, we may require a deposit of up to $2000 per LEAP Credit when you are signing up for LEAP.

The deposit is 100% refundable. 

How can I reduce my deposit requirements?

There are two ways for you to potentially reduce your deposit requirements:

1. Providing a third-party rental insurance: If you have a third party rental insurance that can cover rental equipment, you can provide us a Certificate of Insurance (COI) during your sign-up process and we will reduce your required deposit by 50%

For more on how you can submit your Certificate of Insurance.

2. Providing a Linked Bank Account: Alternatively, you may link a bank account and we may reduce your deposits requirement. This process may take several days before the bank account is linked and verified.


Ways to Reduce Deposit Requirements

Does LensLockers accept Home or Renter's Insurance?

Unless your home or renter's insurance specifically is capable of covering rental equipment that is equal to the value of the equipment you're renting out, LensLockers does not accept home and renter's insurance at this time.

Please contact your insurance agent to check and see if your insurance is capable of covering the equipment you're accessing from LensLockers.

I'm interested in getting third party insurance for my LEAP Membership - does LensLockers have any recommendations?

If you're looking to pursue photography or videography more seriously, whether it is to increase your skills or to pursue a creative & independent career as a photographer or videographer, starting to look into equipment insurance is a great idea.

Look forward to a future update where we compile a list of recommended photographers insurance.


Billing information you need to know.

When do I get billed for my LEAP Membership?

You will get billed for your LEAP Membership every month. Your membership is thus automatically renewed after the successful charge of your card on file each month.

How does adjust billing for my first month on the LEAP Membership work?

You pay for your first month of LEAP Membership when you sign up. We will move your next month's billing date to a later day so that you are not charged for the time it takes for the sign-up process and the equipment to be delivered to you.

For more information:

Learn More About Rent-to-Own-Program.

LensLockers Service

Common questions about LensLockers Service in General.

How is the equipment shipped? 

The equipment that you're renting will be shipped in ultra secure pelican cases, and will be shipped to you via UPS.

I need equipment by a certain date - how can I expedite my shipment? 

By default, we ship your equipment using UPS ground shipping. If you would like to expedite the shipping, please contact us at support@lenslockers.com so that you can get an accurate quote for your shipping costs.

Does LensLockers provide insurance?

At the moment, LensLockers does not provide equipment insurance. We are looking to at options to provide this as a feature in the future.

Rent-to-Own Program

Love it - Keep it.

What is the Rent-to-Own Program all about?

All you have to do is stay for 24 months on our LEAP Membership consecutively and you can keep the equipment at the end of the 24 months.

Can I still Swap while I'm on the Rent-to-Own Program?

Yes, when you are on the Rent-to-Own Program, you are still a LEAP Membership, which means that you can still make equipment swaps!

Learn more at Swapping during your Rent-to-Own.

Is the Rent-to-Own Program the same as Equipment Financing?

The biggest difference between traditional lease-to-own or financing option is that our Rent-to-Own option through LEAP allows you to swap and use different equipment while you are working your way towards owning the equipment.

Learn More About Rent-to-Own-Program.