Introducing LEAP

Rent all the cameras, lenses, lighting, and photogear that you want at one low monthly rate. LEAP, LensLockers Equipment Access Program, is a monthly membership that lets photographers and videographers use top-end equipment for as long as they like and swap as many times as they want.

Why Join LEAP?

Equipment room access like this was limited to a few photographers at exclusive photo-agencies. LEAP is the game changer.

Join LEAP and you’ll have perfectly maintained gear right at your fingertips and a knowledgeable team of pros to help you kickstart your next project, test out new gear, and help you push your creativity to its limits.

As a Member of LEAP, you'll be able to access:

A Powerful Arsenal of Gear

Through careful curation, we’ve built your new equipment room with a wide array of professional gear including cameras, lenses, strobes, lights, stabilizers, & even drones!

Free Unlimited Swaps

Use the gear for as long as you want and when you need it SWAP for something else that you want. You can even jump between 3 camera systems in one month. One roundtrip shipping is included each month in your membership.

Amazing Technical Support

Have the knowledge of our LensLockers Agent when you need it most. We’re here to help get your next shot perfect.

Quality Assured

Every piece of gear is properly maintained by our professional team & goes through extensive prep before going out to you. You’re in good hands & soon our gear will be in your’s.

Equipment Access
More Freedom

Equipment Access means being able to have to have the right gear whenever you need it. Stop letting Gear hold you back. LEAP helps you focus on creating the best work you can and push your photography skills to the next level.

Rent Gear from Canon, Nikon, Sony, DJI, Profoto, Litepanels, Ronins, Mirrorless Cameras and more

Swapping Photography Equipment is Easy and lets you create your optimal set-up every single time.

No More Due Dates on your Equipment rentals.

Equipment Access Saves you more money than traditional rental houses. on average.  

Love it? Keep it. We've got Rent to Own Options available.

No long-term contracts: Upgrade and downgrade at any time.

How It Works:

Step 1: Decide your level of Access

Browse through our Catalog and build a package you'd like. Build out the package that fits your needs as a creative.

Step 2: Sign Up.

Join the LEAP Membership and get your requested equipment within days!

Step 3: Shoot as much as you'd like.

We'll ship the gear to you in our LensLockers Pelican cases.

Step 3: Swap as many times as you'd like

Once you're ready - you can swap the equipment with something else that you'd like.

Hear what our Members have to Say:

Join LEAP Members Across the United States and be a part of the Access Revolution.

Lyle Krannichfeld  - Photographer, Hawaii

"No surprises, no hidden fees, and half the price I'm used to paying with another company. They've earned my business for sure."

Emmanuel S.  - Filmmaker, Massachusetts

"Awesome quality gear for a great price! I got the LensLockers Unlimited DSLR & Lens plan, a great deal for use of any of their gear! I decided to start with the Canon C100Mk2 and a Canon 50mm f1.2, both of which will be perfect for my documentary film needs. The guys from LensLockers were super helpful with getting me up and running with the gear and provided me with invaluable hints and tips that will help me with my documentary film production."

JC Cabello.  -  Travel Photographer, Philadelphia

"The best rental place so far. Customer service is great processing of paperwork is painless and most of all? They have the most competitive unbeatable price in the market of camera lens rental. See and compare for yourself! "