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Serving New England Creatives

In addition to LEAP, LensLockers also offers local exclusive equipment rentals and photostudio rentals for Photographers, Videographers, and Media Creatives across the New England Area. Click below fore more information.


Browse our Local Equipment & Rental Rates

Rent all the gear that you see on our LEAP site.

*This service is local pick-up & returns only and that your account on LEAP will not work on our local rental site. Local short-term rentals are subject to different deposit requirements than LEAP.

Save more with Spectacular Rental Rates

Rent even more equipment without having to break the bank. For example, we've got lenses from Canon L-Series, Nikon, and Sony Zeiss & G-Master Series starting at just $25/Day. Camera Bodies start at just $50/Day.

Only a 1 Day Minimum with Weekends counting as 1 Day.

Flexible Pick-Up & Return Times

Unlike other rental houses that force you to pick up equipment during a very specific window of time, and return early in the morning, we let you can pick up any time on the day of your rental. And you'll have the full work day (until 6PM) with your rented gear before you have to return it. Now that's practically getting two days free!

Test out & Discuss Gear at LensLockers Studio

Visit us at our Studio Location to check out the equipment before you rent. And if you're not sure what you need -- our LensLockers Experts are here for you & help you decide the best gear for your shoot!

Schedule Today, Pick Up Tomorrow
(or even today)

As a creative dealing with models, clients, and sometimes client's clients, thing often change last minute -- especially with clients &

Can't pick up? Local deliveries available.

LensLockers Studio
Photo & Video Studio Rentals

LensLockers Studio has been serving Boston, and New England Creatives since fall 2013 and have become one of the local favorites for creative projects of all levels.

Ready to Shoot.

• 800 Sq Ft Studio Bay with 15 ft Ceilings
• 20 Ft Wide White Cyclorama
• Studio Lighting (PCB Strobes or Continuous Lights) Included for Free
• Dedicated Make-Up Areas & Conference Room
• Full Privacy in Studio Bay Area.

Starting at $55/Hour

Starting at $55/Hour for just 2 hours, you can rent LensLockers Photo & Video Studio and start creating the perfect shots for your next project.

Regular Studio User? Join our exclusive Studio Membership.

Central Convenient Location

Located at 24 Roland Street, Boston MA, it is easy to access for photographers, models, and their clients. It is just north of downtown Boston by 5 minutes driving, east of Cambridge & Somerville, and just minutes walk from Orange Line Sullivan Square T-Station.


Ready to Shoot

Equipped with our Manfrotto Ceiling Rails and Studio Lighting -- all you have to do is let us know what you set-up you need and we'll have it prepared for you when you get here.

This way you can get started shooting from the start.

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