Sony Alpha a7R II + DJI Ronin-M

by Sony
4.00 LEAP Credit(s)
2.00 LEAP Credit(s)
SKU PC9025
Est. Deposit
Est. Monthly Rate

Maximize your Leap Credits by booking the Sony Alpha a7R II and the DJI Ronin-M together. Please keep in mind the LC value of your order will revert to the credit value of the individual items in your order when part of the bundle is returned or swapped. This equipment bundle can be rented at $295/month (2LC).

Bundles & Deals Disclaimer

Bundles and deals qualify as a limited time offer and are valid only when listed online. Orders must be placed while the deal is active to be valid. The discount is valid until the bundle is partially returned, returned for a swap or is return for a cancellation. 

Bundles and deals do not qualify for our rent-to-own program. 

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    Monthly Membership Cost: $295 / month

    Initial Deposit Requirement: $ 600.0

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